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InternetFarmers’ customers have a wide variety of choices for connectivity to the Internet. Read below to learn about your options to establish new service or upgrade your existing service.

Voice and Broadband in Cortez, Co with Fiber Optic
As a provider on the Cortez Community Network, Farmers provides voice and data services over the city's high capacity fiber optic cable. Keep your existing phone number, or we can set you up with a new phone number. If your business relies on the internet to get things done, you will no longer have to struggle with inadequate upload speeds or limited download speeds. Over the fiber connection we can provide 25 MBPS or more of symmetric bandwidth to eligible customers. For more information, please call our office at 970-564-1824.

Connecting to the Internet with DSL doesn't require a second phone line. Your voice and data connection share the same phone line. The service is "always on" and faster and more reliable than a dial up connection. To find out more information about pricing for DSL connectivity click here or speak with a service representative to place an order.

Satellite Internet Access
Want a better life online? Move to ViaSat Country! For customers in a remote area who are not able to receive DSL broadband access, satellite internet service is a great choice. This direct connection, via satellite, is "always on" with lightning fast connections to the Internet. No more dialing in - no more delays.

Due to beam closure this service is not available in all areas. Please call our office at 970-562-1824 and let us check for availability for your location.


Equipment purchase is $199 plus tax. We require a 2 year service contract, and standard installation is included.
Standard Installation is defined as follows:

  • Travel within 50 road miles radius of Pleasant View or Cortez, Colorado (If you live outside that 50 mile radius please contact our office)
  • Up to 150' RG-6 cable run
  • Cable routed through 1 exterior and 1 interior wall
  • Connection to a single computer

Farmers offers several satellite internet packages with a variety of bandwidth options. Click here for more information.

To review the ViaSat Acceptable Use Policy CLICK HERE. For the Data Allowance Policy click the link that applies to your service package. If your modem is blue, your service is one of WildBlue's original plans. If your modem is black, your service is one of the new exede broadband plans. If you're not sure, please give us a call at 970-562-1824.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
Enjoy the convenience of using your computer as an economical phone system. With VoIP technology you can use your broadband Internet connection instead of a regular analog phone line to make phone calls.
Click below for a complete description of how this service works.

Dial - Up
A dial-up connection is an inexpensive means of connecting to the Internet when you do not need high speed and you will not need to transmit or receive large amounts of data.
It’s a handy way to stay in touch with your friends and family using e-mail, make travel plans or shop on the Internet.  This method of Internet connectivity is useful in remote areas where DSL service is not available.

It’s economical choose from a list of local phone numbers for connectivity without long distance charges.

  • Fone.net customers in Pleasant View/Cortez Area dial 970-562-3663
  • Fone.net customers in Mancos/Durango dial 970-565-1649

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