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Farmers was started by a group of rural citizens and farm owners who wanted the best telephone systems for their communities


Farmers Telephone has a progressive management team that keeps abreast of the latest advances in telecommunications products. At the same time, they are passionate about their commitment to deliver high quality, consistent customer service. They are also focused on providing a profitable rate-of-return to their shareholders.

Meet the General Manager
Doug Pace is the General Manager in charge of Operations at Farmers Telephone.  He joined the company in 2005 after working for Emery Telcom in Orangeville, Utah, for twenty four years. Doug has a first hand appreciation for the complexity of the telecommunications industry. At Emery, he started as a technician and worked his way up through the ranks to Manager of Engineering Technology.

Board of Directors
Farmers Telephone dedicated Board of Directors offers management consulting services and oversees the financial health of the company.

Board Members

Timothy A. Lanier, President
James Lambert, Vice President
Jerry Fetterman, Secretary/Treasurer
Darrell Lancaster, Director
David Schaak, Director
Bessie White, Director


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